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Meet the Author

Get to know the creative mind behind Wild Union

A.M. Ladd has been writing stories since she was five years old. As an only child with a vivid imagination, she would create enchanting worlds filled with wonderous creatures. As a mother, she would later enhance upon those stories and develop greater complexity sharing them with her sons at bedtime. They would call out random places and characters, and she would spin a unique adventure on the spot. No two tales were ever the same, as the ideas would twist into a chaotic story that would ultimately end in love and laughter.

A.M. Ladd's Writing

"She walked along the rocky path to a neighboring meadow. As Willow approached the giant Alligator Juniper at the center, the tree’s limbs twisted to reshape the throne, adjusting to fit her body. Once the Guardian wreath was placed on her head, she comprehended the words of the ancients calling on her ties to the earth, linking her forever to the Coconino Forest. She felt the connection building until she could clearly see the edge of the forest for the first time. Willow vaguely heard the words expounded on the accomplishments of the Ashbrook Dryads and how their spirits would guide her to greatness."


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