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A. M. Ladd

Compassionate . Grateful . Curious . Patient . Creative . Optimistic Hopeful . Integrity . Honor . Animal-Lover

About the Author

A.M. Ladd has been writing stories since she was five years old. As an only child with a vivid imagination, she would create enchanting worlds filled with wonderous creatures. As a mother, she would later enhance upon those stories and develop greater complexity sharing them with her sons at bedtime. They would call out random places and characters, and she would spin a unique adventure on the spot. No two tales were ever the same, as the ideas would twist into a chaotic story that would ultimately end in love and laughter.

Even though she has a degree in Psychology and Business, her career path veered to Technology early on and she never left. After decades working in the technology industry, she sees the path the world is taking. While all the technological advances are amazing, she feels many in this world are losing touch to their connection with nature. Balance is essential not only for the psyche, but for the soul.

Living in Arizona for over twenty years, she has explored many of the natural wonders the state holds, and wants to share those locations with her readers. She hopes her books will light a passion in others to go explore the world around them. Perhaps a communion of nature will allow more people to realize the beauty and be inspired to fight for the survival of so many sacred forests that greatly need our protection.

She has traveled around the world and the idea for her first novel fully formed after exploring a forest in Tasmania. Walking among the Giant Swamp Gum trees, she could see the beauty of the land and the myste- rious qualities that compelled her to create a novel about a secret magical forest community that needed to protect their world from humans.

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